Niko Mamillo - Paros - Zone e Lire
"Zone e Lire" eshte nje emision me karakter gjeneralist, i cili mbeshtetet mbi aktualitete te ndryshme, politike, sociale dhe kulturore, lokale dhe nderkombetare, duke i percjelle ato nepermjet personazheve qe ideatori dhe drejtuesi i emisionit, Arian Çani fton ne studio. Keto personazhe jane protagoniste direkt ose indirekt te ketyre ngjarjeve. Promovimi eshte ne thelb te intervistave qe zhvillohen ne studio.
Politikane, artiste, shkrimtare, gazetare, shkencetare jane çdo te premte protagoniste, autore, apo "viktima" te ngjarjeve apo ndodhive te ndryshme duke rrefyer e deshmuar historite e tyre, e ne kete menyre, duke hedhur me shume drite mbi to.

ON AIR NE KLAN: E premte 21:00
"Free Zone" is a program gjeneralist character, which is based on the actualities of various political, social and cultural, local and international, with characters that convey them through the founder and director of the show, the studio invites Arian Cani. These characters are the protagonists directly or indirectly to these events. Promotion is at the heart of interviews that take place in the studio.
Politicians, artists, writers, journalists, scientists are every Friday protagonists, author, or the "victim" of different events or happenings of proving confessing their histories, and in this way, throwing more light on them.

ON AIR IN KLAN: Friday 21:00

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