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Prime Minister Sali Berisha said in an interview with Voice of America said that during his visit to the United States has received full support for integration and development of the country, and stressed that the U.S. will assist in the fight against corruption Shqiërinë. In his interview, asking the EPR issue of President Berisha said that there will be consultation with the opposition and political forces.

"Obviously this is a process that must pass through consultations and we are prepared to consult with all political forces. I hope that will prevail on all sides. I am for consultations and remain determined to implement the constitution "Berisha underlined for electing the president.

He said that during his meetings in the U.S. and primarily em Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has received support for speeding integrimti country in the European Union and the fight against corruption.

"The U.S. government and institutions of this country want to see the help Albania. This is a responsibility of Albania to strengthen efforts to consolidate the rule of law, fight against corruption "- said Berisha, and said he had informed U.S. Secretary of what was achieved and other important steps.

For judicial reform, the government chief said Clinton urged the removal of immunity as it is the interest of the Albanian citizens.

While he once again stressed his government qëndrimine that leads to the determination and will to fight corruption, the initiative mentioned constituents of Obama's open governance partnership, Berisha said: "we are among the governments to publish all state spending .
"I do not say that there is corruption, but iron will to fight corruption," he said, as he noted that U.S. assistance will provide in this regard.

Berisha further added that during his government are punished more than any other country officials for corruption and it is good practice, but stressed that the aim should be equality before the law, meaning here the lifting of immunity.
"In this country is not immune to corruption and the need to establish in Albania," Berisha said.

Meanwhile, when asked about the electoral system, Albanian Prime Minister called the best regional system.
Premier also asked for the interconnection line Tirana-Pristina, which he said is different from that of the Parliament building, calling the bank of beautiful KFV has funded dozens of excellent projects in Albania.
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